Requests & Forms


  • For a free quote please email us at
  • Once you request a quote, the process will be as follows:
    • Customer sends complete and signed application to MAXXIMO Insurance Services
    • MAXXIMO Insurance Services submits application to underwriter
    • Underwriter reviews application, issues a quote with a premium and may request additional applications
    • MAXXIMO submits additional applications to underwriter and makes a request to bind quote
    • Underwriter releases a binder with a deadline
    • Customer pays binder to secure a policy number
    • MAXXIMO issues a certificate of insurance to customer


  • The process of obtaining a Surety Bond with MAXXIMO Insurance Services is a painless process.
    • Step #1 – The Application
      • Fill out an application online at
    • Step #2 – Approval
      • Typically, within 1-2 business days we’ll contact you with approval by phone and e-mail. Usually all we need is payment information and sometimes a signed indemnity agreement for the surety company.
    • Step #3 -The Bond
      • Now we issue your bond and send it to you.
    • Step #4 – Signing the Bond
      • Once you receive your bond it needs to be signed before sending it in to the state agency that’s requiring it.
    • Step #5 – You’re Bonded!


  • MAXXIMO understands that reporting a claim can be a difficult time for you, which is why we have made it a simple process.
    • Please inform us immediately of any claim or potential claim using one of the options below:
      • Online
        • Report your claim using our simple online claims form. We’ll get back together ASAP. (usually within 1 business day)
      • US Mail

MAXXIMO Insurance Services
Attn: Claims Department
731 N Hayden Meadows Dr.
Suite # 209 Portland, OR 97217

  • Phone
    • (866) 337-4359 (Please have your policy number ready.)
  • E-mail


  • To request an insurance certificate please complete the following information and follow the simple process listed below.
    • Step #1 – Complete Certificate of Insurance Request Form
      • Please indicate what you would like to include in your certificate
    • Step #2 – The ORM (Office of Risk Management) Reviews Paperwork
      • The ORM reviews documentation, contracts and insurance coverage.
    • Step #3 – MAXXIMO reviews ORM Request
      • MAXXIMO makes the certificate of insurance
    • Step #4 – Certificate of Insurance Is Sent to Customer
      • Final documentation and additional payment is completed. Once it is done, the certificate of insurance is given to customer and MAXXIMO keeps a copy for its records.